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Costessey Community Gardening Club is a new venture for The Friends of The Tud Valley.
Set up during autumn 2021, the club has these aims:


To provide a friendly, welcoming, fully inclusive meeting place where people of all
ages can socialize regularly, sharing gardening expertise, tips and plants, with the
more experienced members supporting and advising those new to the joy of


To promote gardening as an enjoyable activity that is beneficial for both mental and
physical wellbeing.


To give the more active members opportunities to develop and maintain wildlife-
friendly communal gardens to enhance the local environment for the benefit of all
members of the Costessey community, in particularly those less active elderly and

“If a Community come together to garden, to help a garden to thrive,  then that will help that Community to thrive”

Costessey benefits from a unique Norfolk location, lying approximately 5 miles west of Norwich within the beautiful valley of the River Tud, one of Britain’s rare chalk streams.

The River Tud flows through the three wards, Old Costessey, New Costessey and West Costessey (Queens Hills) that constitute the Town of Costessey.

The valley provides a variety of green spaces, including a number of woodlands and the richly biodiverse Queens Hills Community Park.

The Friends of the Tud Valley group was originally set up to help preserve the beauty and natural environment of the river and its valley.


Enhancing both domestic and community gardens, with a particular focus on wildlife-friendly planting, especially introducing nectar-rich plant species to benefit our endangered pollinator species, will develop a greater extension of wildlife corridors throughout Costessey and further afield into the surrounding Norfolk countryside.

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